Private Yoga

Individual Private Lesson Rates :

First session : $75 (Value $110/session)

4 sessions : $75/session 

Individual Sessions : $85/session

 Call to make an appointment : (424) 262-1348

*Contact us for private group rates for 2+ individuals

Each session is one hour.

Enjoy a yoga practice customized to your individual needs, whether you’re interested in focusing on the physical practice, or taking the teachings of yoga off the mat, we will provide a safe & comfortable space for you to grow and develop your own practice.  Let us help you take your practice to the next level.

Who can benefit from customized yoga to fit their personal needs?home

  • New students who want a solid foundation with focused attention from their instructor
  • Regular practitioners who wants to improve their techniques
  • Individuals with busy schedules who can't attend group classes
  • Experienced students who want to deepen their practice or add a specific focus
  • People with injuries or medical conditions
  • Mothers with young children
  • Individuals going through emotional blocks or personal challenges that requires privacy to receive undivided attention from the instructor


Gain deeper knowledge & have fun your own way:

  • Introduce yourself to the practice and philosophy of yoga
  • Develop/deepen your practice and understanding of yoga
  • Identify modifications of poses specific to your bodies needs
  • Cope with stress, anxiety, depression and/or addiction
  • Develop tools to live your dreams