Watermelon Benefits

If warm weather makes you crave for some watermelon, don’t feel bad about digging into that juicy goodness; especially before you hit the gym, start yoga or anything that might make your muscles sore later.
A recent study shows that two cups of watermelon about an hour before your workout not only helps reduce your recovery heart rate, but it also helps reduce muscle soreness.
Watermelon is also full of Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant found in many red vegetables and fruit which aids in heart health, vision and the prevention of cancer amongst other benefits.
Some people juice the rind of organic watermelons, since it’s high in L-citruline – an amino acid – which helps dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation.  All these benefits and only about 40 calories per cup of watermelon…I’d say that’s not too shabby!


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