Corporate Yoga

Recent health care reforms show more companies than ever are proactively looking for ways to support the wellbeing of their employees — and what better way than yoga?  Yoga classes are a great company tax write off!

Corporate yoga classes are way to improve workplace morale, increase productivity and bring everyone together to do something fun as a group.

How does yoga at work benefit the business & the employees?

Benefits for Business :
  • Increase productivity by gaining mindfulness
  • Decrease health care premiums
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Reduce employee absenteeism
  • Higher Job satisfaction amongst employees
  • More respect for senior management of companies
  • More attractive to potential employees seeking employment with your companyOfficeYoga


Benefits for Employees :
  • Reduced stress, anxiety & depression
  • increased energy & decreased fatigue
  • Improved memory, focus and concentration
  • Stronger muscles, increased flexibility & better balance.
  • Improve posture
  • Improved overall health and reduced risk of disease, including cancer


Schedule your next team building activity with us today!

One time class : $89
4-week program : $80/class
8-week program : $75/class
Class duration : 60 Minutes
Rates cover up to 10 people.  Each additional participant is $5 extra.
15 minute stretch sessions & 45-50 minute lunch hour yoga rates are available.
We’ll provide mats & music.

Tips & what to wear for yoga:  Best to wear comfortable clothes that stretch as you stretch.  Baggy T-shirts are fine for guys, but women should wear tops that doesn’t go over their heads in certain poses (ex: down dog).  You can always tuck your shirt into your pants if that’s all you have.
We also advise participants to not take the class with a full stomach.