Soul Giving

Our purpose on this planet is to serve and help others.Yoga-SouthBay-Deals-Fitness

The studio is built on the principle of Dana, which means the act of giving.  Soul Fitness is an environment where students can practice yoga while giving back to the world.  We are committed to allocating portion of the studio’s revenue as well as our time volunteering to local and international non profits & communities.

There’s ongoing support to few organizations that local friends of Soul Fitness LA created.  

International Giving : Soul Fitness LA is sponsoring a little girl that was orphaned from the tsunami in Sri Lanka through Sri Lankan Tsunami Relief Fund.

Local Giving Monday Night Mission is an organization the owner of Soul Fitness LA helped create.  Monday Night Mission meet every weeknight (Monday – Friday) in downtown Los Angeles to feed hundreds of our homeless brothers and sisters on Skid row.  The sole aim of Monday Night Mission is to feed the less fortunate of Skid Row who are turned away from homeless shelters.  MNM is currently involved in taking action to end homeless in our cities for the long term.  Feel free to come join us any night of the week to help feed the homeless details here.  They accept bread, peanut butter, jelly and water bottles to keep this good work going.

Home :  Giving back in South Bay!  
This our gift to the hometown we are living in.  We are committed to continue to educate and build a healthy community!  Few photos below:

Redondo Beach – American Cancer Society – Relay for Life: Teaching Yoga

Soul_Fitness_LA_Yoga  Soul_Fitness_LA_Yoga_Redondo

Redondo Beach – Baseball yoga for kids:

IMG_5663  IMG_4964_2   IMG_4936_1

Redondo Beach Walk About Event:  Sweat with a purpose!

IMG_5613  IMG_5615_2  IMG_5612

Palos Verdes – Hike & Yoga – Building Healthy Community

img_7897  img_7925

RAT Beach – Ride with the Tide – “Yoga for Bikers” before the race to prevent injuries.  

img_8448   img_8451

Hermosa Beach – Yoga Conference – Teaching : Women’s self Defense


Redondo Beach – Full moon Yoga & Happiness Coaching

img_8288  img_8265

img_8279    img_8293


More Community giving :

SoulFitnessLA-Yoga_5  SoulFitnessLA-Yoga_3    SoulFitnessLA-Yoga_4  SoulFitnessLA-Yoga_8  SoulFitnessLA-Yoga_7  SoulFitnessLA-Yoga  SoulFitnessLA-Yoga_6  SoulFitnessLA-Yoga_9