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What to bring: A smile to share  🙂  you are going to feel amazing!  Yoga mat, water and a towel for sweat for yoga & fitness classes.  Any props you may need.  If you are bringing your cell phone into the class, please put it on silent when you enter.  Most of all, come as you are!


New to Yoga or Our Studio? Awesome! Welcome!

Classes We Recommend: We highly recommend at least 1 private session to prepare you to enter into group classes confidently and safely.  Call us to book your first private: 424-262-1348

We recommend for you start of at a slower pace to get to know your body that may be moving in certain unfamiliar ways, slowing down the practice will help you get to know the postures and proper alignment, learn the modifications that’s unique to your body etc.  Below are our group yoga classes.  

Slower Pace Yoga Classes: Gentle Yoga, Slow Deep Stretch, Yin/Restorative & Hatha Yoga.

Energetic / Active Yoga Classes:  “Flow” classes.  Vinyasa Flow.  Morning Yoga Flow.

Athletic Yoga (Yoga + Fitness)Sculpt Yoga

Yoga Space Etiquette: Be mindful not to wear strong scented perfume or lotion just prior to entering the studio. Some students have odor sensitivities and/or allergies.  Turn off cell phones/electronics during the practice.  No electronic items in the practice area.  Remember that savasana (typically done at the end of the class) is one of the most important elements in closing your yoga practice, and lasts about 5 minutes, never skip that for the safety of your body.  Remember to always have fun!

What to wear: For yoga classes, wear comfortable clothes that stretches as you stretch.  Clothes you can move without them going over your face, because you will have your head below your heart in some poses (ex: down dog).  Leave Shoes and socks by the door before entering the practice area.

Don’t take class on a full stomach: Trying to do yoga right after mealtime will hinder your practice. In order for your body to twist and hop into poses, the stomach can’t be digesting something heavy. Best to eat at least an hour and a half before the class, but if you aren’t able to and are starving, having a banana no less than 20 minutes before class should be okay.

During class: Flexibility isn’t required to practice yoga.  Resist the temptation to judge your body based on what someone else is doing.  Yoga is a new way of moving your body and training your mind, so take it slowly and go easy on yourself.  Yoga is suppose to meet where you are.  Resist the urge to rush into a pose or to push too hard. Allow your breath to be your guide and to help you progress at your own pace.  Instead of trying to forcibly push your body beyond its current abilities, focus your energy on seeking postures that make you feel great. If you feel any discomfort, that’s your cue to back out of the pose and to try a modification or alternate posture that best serves your body.  Just remember during your fist class, it’s okay to feel incredibly awkward moving your body in ways you are not use to.  Your mind might jump around and you may judge yourself or feel as though you are doing it wrong, but it’s all a process. Come back to your mat, smile, let go, laugh at yourself, and above all, have fun!  Every teacher will be available for you privately before or after each class.

Benefits of Yoga:The benefits of yoga provide both instant gratification and lasting transformation. Too much time with too few results can be incredibly discouraging, and monotonous routines week after week can lead to stagnation. Yoga can change your physical and mental capacity quickly, while preparing the mind and body for long-term health.   Whether your aim is to reduce stress, loose weight, tone up, build muscle, or gain weight  we can put together a program that fit your needs

Yoga and the Body

  • Increases flexibility
  • Strengthens the muscles and tendons, especially stabilizer muscles
  • Increases bone density of the entire skeletal system
  • Develops balance and coordination
  • Straightens posture and body alignment
  • Improves function of internal organs via (a) proper posture so they’re held correctly and (b) internal compression, wringing them out so they work better
  • Enhances cardiovascular ability, both lowering resting heart rate and making oxygen use more Efficient
  • Burns energy (approx. 400 calories per hour)
  • Weight reduction
  • Decreases chance of injury
  • Fixes muscular imbalances
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Decreases cortisol levels, resulting in lower blood sugar levels and heightened insulin response, resulting in less inflammation and less chance of diabetes and heart disease
  • Decreases the chance of arthritis and joint issues by moving full motion and “squeezing and soaking” the cartilage, giving it a flush and extra nutrients
  • Decreases pain and fatigue

Yoga and the Mind

  • Increases happiness, improves discipline & enhances focus
  • Increases your energy
  • Increases Proprioception (the ability for the mind to direct where and how the body moves. Touching your fingers to your nose with your eyes closed, or stepping back and having your foot land perfectly parallel to your other foot without looking takes proprioception)
  • Decreases stress, tension & inspires a better sleep
  • Improves reaction time
  • Improves performance on mental tests (studies have shown!)
  • Provides time for moving meditation, if you’re into that sort of thing
  • Enhances self-worth & gives a sense of accomplishment and pride
  • Increases the chance of flow states