Please read below before you arrive.  

Our top priority is health and safety – everything is fully sanitized after each class.  Touchless entry, exit & check-in.  Expect to only touch your items.  Back door will be open for fresh ocean air. Very limited number of students in class with plenty of room to space out.  Masks are required as you enter & exit; optional during class.   

Practicing Mindfulness & Patience 
Below are important safety measures to keep everyone safe and to stop the spread of COVID-19. Please read carefully.  We request that you allow extra time for safe entry and safe exit to follow listed safety measures.  We’re all adjusting to these new safety protocols.  We invite you to practice patience with us in this process and with each other.  Thank you!

Studio Safety Guidelines

  • Face covering / mask is required to enter/exit the studio.  Optional during class.  ON if you are talking.    We recommend for you to keep the mask on as long as you can.

  • One person at a time in Lobby.  If you see someone in lobby, please wait outside (or in your assigned number inside) till the previous person exit the lobby. 

  • No Walk-In / Drop-In will be allowed at this time as the space is limited.

  • All payments & booking for all classes will have to be taken care of ahead of time through our website / Mindbody or by emailing us.

  • Teachers will be wearing a face shield / mask.  

  • We’ll be operating with low capacity to allow extra space for social distancing.

  • Students will have the option to join in to all the classes online.

  • Allows one group of students to completely exit the studio & for sanitizing to take place before the next group arrives.

  • Teachers will be teaching from their mat : No hands on adjustments, no essential oils, no fanning & no props.

  • Bring your own props if you need them.  We have new & used (well cleaned) props to purchase.  

  • No rental items are available at this moment.

  • Bring your own mat, water bottle & towel for every class.

Common areas

  • Bottled water will be available for sale only.  Make sure your payment information is updated online through mindbody or by contacting us for contactless payment.  Venmo is available. We can accept exact cash.

  • Limit what you bring to the studio.  Limit what you touch.  Anything you touch inside the studio has to be reported to the teacher to be cleaned.

  • Restroom : Please plan ahead.  The restroom will only be available in case of an emergency.  Please plan your restroom needs & change your clothes before arriving.  If you need to use the restroom, please let the teacher know.

Before Class

  • Please make sure you are in good health.  If you feel sick or have any of the listed COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home and join our virtual classes. If you are at high risk or pregnant, we invite you to join our virtual classes.

  • Since limited spots are available, book your class in advance and make sure you book the correct class: Livestream, Studio or Outdoor.

  • $19 Fee will be charged if you book a class & don’t show up.  In order to avoid this strict cancelation policy, please cancel any booked classes 6 hours before the class.

  • Due to the limited space at the studio, we will only allow one week of booking in advance (in order to avoid schedule change, to avoid cancelation fees & to let everyone have a fair chance to take their favorite class)

  • The door will be locked when the class starts for safety reasons.  Please do not expect the teacher to open the door for late arrivals.

Safe Entry 

  • When you arrive, please stand 6 feet apart outside the studio with your face covering / mask on.

  • Face covering will be required when you enter & exit the studio.  Optional during class.

  • 15 minutes before class starts, the front door will remain open for students to enter to avoid contact.

  • One person at a time will enter the studio.  The previous student must exit the lobby area for the next person to enter the studio.

  • As students walk in, a pre-designated spot will be assigned to each student to lay out their mat.

  • Please check-in at the front desk & ask which pre-marked spot to place your mat.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available for you as you enter the studio

Safe Exit

  • Please wait on your mat while the students closest to the door leave first.  One student at a time is allowed to be in the lobby area.  The previous student must leave the studio before the next student enters the lobby area.


  • We will not start anyone’s Auto-pay without an email/phone request.  Whenever you are ready to come back, please email us ahead of time and we will individually work with everyone’s needs.

Any questions, concerns or suggestions, please email / call the studio.  We’re here to help and serve you.
Thank you!