The Benefits of Sound Therapy: Tuning into Bliss

By Nicoal R. Sheen and Greg Kelly

Humans are emotional, therefore vibrational beings.
We feel a range of complex emotions that have a direct impact on our physical bodies through vibration.
Each of our emotions carry their own vibration and affect us right down to the cellular level. For every
emotional state we are in, we begin to build a vibrational house around ourselves.

We live in this house, even if we cannot see it. And the longer one lives in an emotion, the stronger the
vibration. This is true for every emotion we feel – whether “positive” or “negative”.  It is important that we are mindful about our emotional state as long-term stress can lead to discomfort in the physical body, including serious illness and disease. Once we become aware of any stresses or even the suppression of emotions, we can find ways to release ourselves from such emotional bondage and allow ourselves to return to a healthy and whole state.

One of the many ways to shift and clear our emotional and vibrational state is through sound. Sound
purifies the mind by giving the brain something to focus on. Once the mind becomes one-pointed and
fixed, both the mind and body are alleviated from the constant bombardment and whirlwind of
thoughts, which enables us to relax, soften, and release stress. Sound also resets the physical body
through vibration. It is not necessary to hear the sound to be affected by it. Rather, we feel the vibration
emitting from the healing instrument within the body.

Furthermore, sound therapy is a practice rooted in history. Sound healing has been used throughout the
world by ancient societies such as the Tibetans and Egyptians to bring about spiritual awakening and
deep healing.

Additional benefits from sound therapy include:
– Improves sleep
– Reduces anxiety
– Deep relaxation
– Stimulates circulation
– Clears out toxins and blockages
– Strengthens the immune system
– Balances hormones
– Realignment with your higher self
– Rejuvenation of the body
– Balances the left and right brain
– Allows body to naturally heal itself
– Shifts old behavioral patterns or habits that no longer serve us or impair a whole, healthy state
of being

Sound baths are a common way to receive sound therapy. Sound baths are often comprised of healers
playing sound healing instruments such as gongs, crystal or Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, and/or
drums, for an individual or a group. People receiving the sound healing are often laying down to foster a
state of deep relaxation and meditation. If you are attending a sound therapy session, you are welcome to bring a light blanket or jacket, something to cover your eyes, and any spiritual belongings such as
crystals or mala beads to absorb the sacred energy and vibrations into such items.

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