Wedding Yoga

Enhance your inner light and radiance before and on your big day…

Be in the best shape of your life inside and out
Bridal Shower Yoga
Bachelorette party Yoga
Wedding day Yogabridal yoga

Be in the best shape of your life inside and out 
Detox and tone up with powerful vinyasa flow yoga in a hot room while creating a special bond with your self and the loved ones you’re taking this journey with, create a space of unity and end each session with a relaxation meditation to bring the peace, calm and true enjoyment into your wedding planning.

Private sessions for the bride alone or for your own private group (bride, groom, parents, siblings, bride’s maids, groomsmen, friends etc.). Sessions are customized to fit all levels from advance students to those who are new to yoga. It’s a perfect opportunity for your friends and family to bond in the spirit of loving community.

Rates : Private session packages for the bride alone starts as low as $95/session. Bridal group packages starts as low as $19/person.

Bachelorette / Bridal Shower Yoga

After months of wedding planning and stress, the entire bridal party could definitely use some down time. There are plenty of packages for every budget and skill level, including some really cool yoga and a tea party (or wine) packages that are perfect for a relaxing girls day.

Get your girls together and add something fun and active that’s also unique.  Bachelorette yoga will help you create an even closer bond with your loved ones in the spirit of the wedding day.

Rates : Packages starting as low as $19/person.

Wedding Day Yoga

Doing a little yoga in the morning can calm your nerves, balance your emotions and help you be truly present for every moment of your big day.

Also recommended by BRIDES magazine, starting your wedding day with yoga will :

Reduces Stress
Boost your happiness
Enables you to live in the moment
Great for public speaking
Better Photos when you’re 100% present
Improves posture & alignment
Gives you a gorgeous glow while increasing your circulation
Helps balance out emotions

Rates : Packages for the wedding day (or the day before) starting at $19/person in LA county or Orange County.