Yoga for Athletes

Many sports can cause tight hamstrings and hip flexors and it’ll cause the body to recruit from other joints that are not intended for bearing extra loads.  Yoga goes beyond simple stretching by working the muscles and joints through all ranges of motion.  Yoga can help you recover faster after workouts, stretch tight areas that hinder performance, improve range of motion, develop mental focus and concentration.athletesYoga

How yoga benefits athletes:

  • Lowers the risk of injury and recovery time by gaining strength and flexibility without straining muscles.
  • Helps rehabilitate the body after an injury.  Yoga relieves muscle tension & loosen joints, hips, hamstring & shoulders.
  • Gain physical exercise, breath control, strength, flexibility, mental focus & clarity. Lower heart rate & increased oxygen intake.
  • Athletes who practice yoga gain ability to manage their breath, maximizing oxygen intake, lessening loss of energy during endurance training.
  • Deeper knowledge about the mind-body connection to improve body awareness.  Enhanced focus & greater concentration.


No matter what sport you play, Yoga helps you to get deeper into “the zone” and enhance your athletic abilities by fully coordinating the mind, body and breath. It will help you improve your game, play stronger, relax more deeply, and have fun!

Private class rates:

One session : $79

4 sessions : $75/session

8 sessions : $68/session

*Contact us for private group rates for 2+ athletes